Luc Carbon

Narrative Designer


After a destructive battle with a supervillain, an idealistic powered agent is confronted by his boss, the head of a superhuman defense agency. She dresses him down for his recklessness, but ultimately assigns him to investigate the recent depowering of a prominent superhero.

  • Role: Narrative Designer
  • Team: Solo Project
  • Project Type: Cutscene Screenplay
  • Major Tools: Final Draft
  • Time Frame: 1/23 – 3/23

I wrote this cutscene script in response to a prompt to pitch a concept for a hypothetical game plotline and then flesh out key plot beats. I channeled my love of superhero fiction to develop my concept, and decided that a key theme would be the role of a hero in this world. I wanted to write a scene that depicted two opposing points of view on superheroes.